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Our clients select the active ingredients – we create
drug-device synergies

Whether you are looking for a research lab, manufacturing partner, support in regulatory affairs or plan to expand your business network – CapnoPharm provides products, services and expertise across the full industry value chain in the area of aerosolization.
We offer services to contribute to your success.

  • Expert in formulation development for aerosolization 
  • Facilities for generic to cytotoxic active ingredients 
  • Dedicated project management and customer support
  • Broad range of API’s (small molecules, biologicals etc)
  • Conventional to nanotechnology-based drug development platforms
  • CRO for pharma, device and drug-device based projects
  • Preclinical development services
  • Access to clinical networks

Whilst the peritoneum or other body cavities (bladder, lungs, thorax) are promising routes for rapid as well as delayed drug delivery, the complexity of the peritoneal cavity, its microenvironment and its physiology can make peritoneal drug delivery challenging. Reliable in vitro test methods are therefore of the utmost importance to provide robust data to support the understanding of peritoneal drug delivery deposition. This can drive greater understanding of performance in both novel and generic drug product development via aerosolization.

CapnoPharm enables you to develop tailormade drug delivery systems with realistic and robust product performance. Our functional models allow regional peritoneal deposition data within geometries of choice to be measured, supporting the development of drugs that target specific anatomical regions. CapnoPharm can also demonstrate the pre-clinical relevance to in vitro tests, thus reducing the need for animal trials.

CapnoPharm has established powerful in vitro analytical methods which allows easier evaluation of targeted formulation design, all supported by our analytical expertise, stability storage solutions and R&D services, to accelerate your aerosolization drug product development.