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Our Leaders

CapnoPharm brings together an international team of leading clinicians, scientists and business professionals all focused on the same goal: to help people by offering therapeutic solutions to unmet medical needs in oncology.

Dr. Marc Reymond

Prof. Reymond, MD, is a board-certified gastrointestinal surgeon and the inventor of Pressurized IntraPeritoneal Chemotherapy (PIPAC®).

He graduated as a physician from the University of Geneva, Switzerland,  completed an MBA in Science & Technology with LaSalle University, PA, USA, and a postgraduate diploma in artificial intelligence with McCombs at U Austin, TX, USA. Prof. Reymond is ranked as Top-Physician nationwide in Germany.
He has published over 180 peer-reviewed publications, 6 books, and 50+ book chapters.
He has raised more than €28 Mio R&D funding.
He is the founder of three biotechnology companies, of a non-profit biobank, and holder of nine innovation awards. He is Committee President/Member in major grant and audit agencies. He has been invited to numerous
national and international postgraduate courses and lectures in leading universities worldwide.

Stéphane Rohan Laurent

VP – Global Sales & Business Development

Stéphane has 15+ years’ experience in international sales & business development in senior corporate and consulting roles in both

Europe and Asia. Most recently, and prior to joining CapnoPharm, Stéphane was CapnoMed’s Country Head – India since 2017, before taking on the role of Regional Head – Asia & Middle East in 2020. A board-certified medical affairs specialist (BCMAS), Stéphane’s dedication to promoting innovation in cancer care is driven by his strong interpersonal skills, extensive international sales and distribution experience and ability to work effectively and creatively across cultures and geographies. Stéphane holds a Master’s degree in International Business and Economic Policy from Sciences Po Paris and a Master’s in English Language, Literature & Civilization from the Sorbonne University, Paris, France.

Dr. Kristijana Milovic-Holm
PRRC – Head of Regulatory Affairs
and Quality Management

Kristijana is a highly experienced Regulatory and Clinical Affairs professional who has worked in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry for 15 years.

She is adept at developing clinical strategies, generating clinical evidence, managing (pharmaco)vigilance, creating quality-related procedures, and navigating interactions with Regulatory Authorities and Notified Bodies. Kristijana has a Ph.D. in cancer research from the Leibnitz Institute in Hamburg and a diploma in Biochemistry/Molecular Biology from the University of Hamburg, Germany.