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PIPAC (Pressurized Intra-Peritoneal Aerosol Chemotherapy) is a 45-minute laparoscopic, minimally invasive procedure during which chemotherapy is administered under pressure as an aerosol. The chemotherapy is delivered at significantly lower dosage directly onto the cancer lesions. The combined aerosol form and pressure improve the pharmacology and dynamics, significantly resulting in an optimal spatial distribution of the chemotherapy agents. Close to 100% of the drugs aerosolized reach the target. The side effects are minimal. PIPAC is well tolerated and performed as an outpatient procedure in some countries.

However, the current efficacy of PIPAC is limited by the use of compounds that were not developed for intraperitoneal delivery. The choice of drug is largely arbitrary. Personalized therapy and prolonged delivery formulations offer promise for enhanced efficacy. 

The optimization of drug-device Combinations and specifically developed drugs for aerosolized intra-peritoneal applications will result in promoting PIPAC from a salvage/palliative option to a potentially curative and prophylactic treatment.

CapnoPharm  brings the solution by improving both drugs and laparoscopic aerosolizers and optimizing the synergy between both. 

CapnoPharm has patented several formulations specifically designed to perform optimally with our proprietary modular range of laparoscopic aerosolizers further significantly enhancing the very promising clinical results of PIPAC with off-label drugs.