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The past three years have seen a boom in venture capital (VC) funding in the biotechnology sector.  According to a recent McKinsey report 1 , start-ups with cutting-edge platform technologies – which constitute a base or infrastructure on which other therapies can be developed – have benefited the most. Six platforms are generating significant investor excitement: Cell therapy, Next-generation gene therapies, Precision medicine, Drug discovery enabled by machine learning, Strategies for “undruggable” targets, and new delivery methods.

CapnoPharm’s technology unites three of the above platforms: Next-generation gene therapies (mRNA or cytolytic viruses-based), Precision medicine (PIPAC® enables individualized therapy of peritoneal metastasis) and new delivery methods (PIPAC® can send novel therapies to the entire affected tissue precisely and safely).

CapnoPharm’s disruptive products are medical devices (B2C), reformulated drugs (B2C) and their combos. CapnoPharm’s products are in the early commercialization phase. CapnoPharm is envisaging  digital platforms to create long-term relationships with the patients. CapnoPharm also offers services to pharma for reformulating and repurposing their drugs for intraperitoneal use (B2B).

To scale up and speed up its business, CapnoPharm is looking for:
– Working capital limiting dilution and allocating capital efficiently,
– Asset-based financing models maximizing alignment between investors and the company.

Prof. Dr. Marc A. Reymond, CEO, is the direct partner for investors interested in knowing more about CapnoPharm.